Jesus said…”I Am”

For the last seven Friday’s I’ve posted an “I AM” verse from the book of John.  Jesus made some bold public statements!  For centuries, the name “I am” was reserved by the Jews for God alone.  With each “I AM the …” Jesus’ revealed his deity – and beckoned all to believe and draw near.

If you’re like me, these past seven Friday’s have been heart-awakening to the majesty of Christ.  My faith has expanded over the weeks as I’ve “seen” Christ’s words come alive in my mundane moments:

  • I’ve contemplated Him as my “bread of life” as I’ve waited for my toast to pop.
  • Reaching for my sunglasses I’m reminded he is “the light of the world,” radiant in glory, blinding in brilliance, beaming light onto my private path – moment by moment, one day at a time.
  • Taking my pups through the backyard gate for a walk, I see Jesus as “the gate” – my only entrance to salvation – and I thank him; with a swelling heart I thank him for my entering.
  • Waking in the night with worry, I remember He is “the good shepherd,” laying guard at my gate through the night; keeping vigil for my protection and well-being. And oh, how my spirit revives with hope knowing he will leave the ninety-nine sheep on the hills and go look for the one that wondered off.
  • On the way to the grocery, I notice a cross atop a neighborhood church and see Him, “the resurrection and the life.” The agony of his crucifixion makes me shudder. He “went there” – to the depths of hell – for me.  Then rose again. Death where is your victory, your sting?  He is life.
  • Driving on an overpass bridge, I see Jesus as “the way,  the truth, and the life.” He is THE – one and only!
  • Cutting the dead stems from my pitiful plants, I’m reminded that Jesus is the vibrant and sustaining “vine” and I’m the dependent branch.  In my own strength and autonomy there’s nothing I can do of lasting value – no fruit is possible except through clinging to my vine, Jesus. So I ask him for needed patience and wisdom.

Jesus Christ is the “I Am” in-of-over-through everything.  Nicole Nordeman put it beautifully in her song, “I Am.”  Click on the link below to watch and listen.  You will be blessed…and soothed by all Jesus is for you personally today.

“I Am” by Nicole Nordeman

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