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Finding the right speaker is a big job. I know. I’ve been there. Months of planning and promoting can result in a not-so-good event if the speaker and her message don’t connect with your audience.

As a speaker, it’s my goal to make your event (big or small) a grand success – with content that is fresh, relevant and impactful. And because I like to laugh, we’ll share a few chuckles during our time together.

So thanks for stopping by. I’m honored and delighted to have you here!


NEW! 2017-18 MOPS and MOMSNEXT Topics


Free to Be YOU-nique: Celebrating Your One-of-a-Kind Child
In all of creation, no one else has your laugh, your smile, your eyes. No one walks like you, talks like you, likes all the same things you do. As Henry Thoreau said, “you are a marvel.” And so is your child. But what happens when our differences collide? (Think in-the-box mom with an out-of-the-box child – or vice versa.) Tension. Disappointment. And missed moments of connection. With wit and wisdom, Caroline frees MOPS and MOMSNEXT to discover their child’s God-given giftedness, nurture his aptitudes, and celebrate his divine uniqueness.

Contact Caroline at caroline@wellversedliving.com to start a conversation about your MOPS or MOMSNEXT group – and we’ll tailor a wildly freeing topic just for you!  


My Most Requested Topics

*The Well-Versed Family: Raising Kids of Faith through Bible Memory
Looking for a great way to nurture your child’s heart? Start with Scripture. Based on Caroline’s book, this presentation is a favorite among MOPS and parenting groups. Discover joyful ways to hide the Word in the heart of your home – and learn the secret for getting your kiddos asking for more Bible time [guaranteed!]. With humor and her big box of props, Caroline shows you just how doable and life-shaping Scripture memory can be.

NOTE: This presentation is winsome and seeker-friendly for diverse audiences.

Capturing the Wonder of our Well-Versed World
Look up. Do you see it? There’s a verse written in the sky…and mixed with the cake batter, flickering in the candlelight, behind every barren bush. The Word sings around us – and this inspiring presentation awakens you and your child to embrace it. Discover quick and easy ways to learn, link and live God’s Word as a family, then watch verse after verse come to life. You’ll learn Caroline’s secret for making Scripture memorable – and unforgettable.

NOTE: This is a great encore to The Well-Versed Family presentation.

*Stop Screaming: The ABC’s Solution for Frustrated Moms
Want to turn down the volume in your home? This compelling presentation was born out of Caroline’s personal struggle to keep cool with her kiddos. (Yup, the well-versed mom was a screamer.) Applying breakthrough science and biblical principles, Caroline reveals the ABC’s for staying calm and collected – even under pressure. You’ll identify common screaming triggers and learn sound solutions for more effective communication. Good stuff!

Title for general audiences: Stop Screaming: The ABC’s Solution for Frustrated Parents.

Parenting with Proverbs
The book of Proverbs is a gold mine of wisdom. It’s not a narrative, but a collection of wise sayings written largely by a father (King Solomon) to his son. Proverbs contains some of the most applicable nuggets of truth in the Bible, making it the greatest “how-to” book ever written. Caroline highlights 7 practical proverbs worth knowing and teaching to your little ones – along with tips for putting them to memory.

*These topics can be three to four sessions, ideal for a weekend retreat or conference.

For additional information, contact Caroline at caroline@wellversedliving.com


What Others are Saying

“Ending my 3rd convention, by far the BEST session I have ever participated in!  PERFECTION!”

“LOVED it and can’t wait to apply in my family”

“SO valuable!  This will change our family forever!”

“Exceeded my expectation.  Answer to my prayer!!  Awesome.”

“SOOO Amazing.  Hung on every word.”

“I’m so excited to go back home to begin using these tools with my kids.  LOVED IT!”

—MOPS International Convention “Well-Versed Family” Workshop Attendees

“Hands down, Caroline is one of our favorite speakers at our MOPS group. She teaches in such a way that the Scripture verses are easy to remember and fun to teach to our little disciples at home. The other night I turned on my headlights to navigate the evening traffic and I told my 4 year old daughter, Madison, that “God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.” I told her that just like the headlights help me see in the dark, God’s Word helps us see and make good decisions. We quickly moved on to something else and I wondered if that made any sense to my daughter. Then a few weeks later, we were leaving at night and Madison said, “Wait, Mom! I have to go get God’s Word.” I said, “Okay.” She said, “I’ll get God’s Word and it will light our path!” My jaw dropped and I rejoiced in the work of the Holy Spirit in my sweet 4 year old’s life.”  —Amber S./MOPS Coordinator

“Very applicable for our lives and kids; encouraging message to implement in our families; excellent, excellent, excellent; helpful, encouraging and practical; wonderful topic; made scripture memory with kids seem do-able; loved her!” —Park Cities Baptist Church MOPS

“I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate you coming and spending Sunday evening with us. All of us felt so encouraged and blessed. I have so many grateful moms who felt like they could get started [with Bible memory]. You are such a sweetie and I feel so grateful to have met you. Thank you for sharing your passion and making a huge difference in the lives of other moms.”  —Noel P.

“I just wanted to write to say “thank you SO much” for the encouragement that you gave all of us at The Corners last week! 🙂 When I got home, I couldn’t wait to get started “training my child in the way he should go!” Even though I have done Scripture memory with him before, it has not been something that I have done consistently, and your talk/book was the fire that I needed to remind me of its ETERNAL importance! 🙂 Thanks again!!!”  —Brittney P.

“Hi. I heard you speak at Fellowship Bible Dallas through MOPS. That Friday I was so encouraged by you that I taught my 4 and 5 yr olds Proverbs 15:1. They learned it in about 5 minutes. The cool part is that the Lord brought teachable moments to us within the hour and throughout the day. It was too cool. Since then, we have learned about 6 more verses. Scripture memory has changed how I parent. And I am so thankful.” —Mary R.

“Thank you so much for speaking at MOPS yesterday.  It was so timely!  I have praying for God to fill me with His Holy Spirit and give me strength to behave in a self-controlled way at all times in dealing with my children.  I certainly can’t do it without Him.  Imagine my excitement when you were our speaker!  Also, last year, your talk on memory verses started a wonderful habit of scripture memorization for both me and my children!  Thanks again!  Gotta go deal with my 3.5 year old…. without yelling!  I’ve caught myself several times already today.”  —Kimberley L., Crossroads Bible Church

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for sharing your heart with our little mom’s group.  You put some really great tools in our hands and ideas in our heads – so much that we all were ready to walk out of the room and get started (or press on again) on this journey with our kids.  You are truly inspirational and I’m sure your girls are living legacies of the investment you have made.  Many blessing to you and your ministry!!  P.S.  As I was driving home from our time, I decided to turn our little closet under the stairs into our “hiding place with Jesus” – where my kids and I can begin a more active pursuit of memorizing his Word – it’s going to be so fun!!”  —Carrie R.


Professional Bio

Warm.  Witty.  Wise. These are a few adjectives used to describe Caroline Boykin.

Caroline is a “soul-foodie” and founder of Well-Versed Living®. As a mom, she created simple and organic ways to learn, link, and live God’s Word with her little ones. Today her original ideas and biblical insights are published in her book, The Well-Versed Family: Raising Kids of Faith through Scripture Memory (2nd Edition was released in 2016).

Caroline is a winsome speaker with a unique ability to connect with her audience. A favorite with MOPS and women’s groups, she has led numerous Bible studies, taught Sunday school to preschoolers, and worked as a 2nd grade Teaching Assistant. She…

  • holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition
  • enjoyed a 10-year career in the pharmaceutical industry
  • was a workshop presenter at the 2010 MOPS International Convention
  • is a featured guest on a number of programs, including the international broadcast, “Renewal Radio”
  • contributed to “Significant Living Magazine”
  • created “The Well-Versed Woman” video segments for The Positive Life Network
  • is a mentor in women’s ministry
  • served on the Board of Trustees at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison
  • is a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for abused and neglected children
  • serves on board of ENGAGE Positive Parenting Initiative
  • is a wanna-be beekeeper awaiting a queen to settle in her backyard hive

Caroline has been married 28 years to her husband, Lindsay.  They have two grown daughters, a son-in-law, and two Labradorable rescue pups.  She lives in the Dallas area.


Head Shots


Caroline head shot laughing


My Speaking Engagements


Feb. 23: Lake Pointe MOPS (Stop Screaming)


Jan. 13: Lakeside Baptist Church MOPS (WVF)

March 9: MOPS FBC Hurst (Our Well-Versed World)

April 21: MOPS Wilshire Baptist (Our Well-Versed World)

Sept. 21: MOPS Lovers Lane United Methodist Church (WVF)

Oct. 6: MOPS First Baptist Wylie (Stop Screaming)

Oct. 30: Park Cities Baptist MOPS – Crawlers (WVF)

Nov. 17: Wilshire MOPS (TBD)

Nov. 13: Park Cities Baptist MOPS – Runners (WVF)

Dec. 1: Northwest Bible Church MOPS (Well-Versed Prayer)

Lake Pointe (Stop Screaming): TBD


Feb. 23: Positive Woman Connection

March 8: First Baptist MOPS, Mansfield (Our Well-Versed World)

March 17: Scofield Memorial Church Moms’, Dallas (WVF)

April 14: MOPS FBC Hurst (The Gift of YOU-niqueness)

April 15: Northwest Bible Church MOPS, Dallas (WVF)

April. 22: Northwood MOPS, Keller (WVF)

August 10: Grace Moms, Grace Bible Church, Dallas (TBD)

Oct. 24: The Heights MOPS (WVF)

Nov. 4: Northwest Bible Church MOPS, Dallas (Starry-Eyed Kindness)

Nov. 8: MOPS First Baptist Mansfield (The Wonder of our Well-Versed World)

To view my previous speaking engagements, click here.

For more info, contact Caroline at caroline@wellversedliving.com