The Last Thing Jesus Did Before He Was Seized

Tucked inside the pages of Luke is a stirring snapshot of Jesus. It was taken at Gethsemane. In the background are Judas and his armed entourage; Peter with his sword. Tension and suspense pounded like a foot-drum in the night air…

And [Peter] struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear.
But Jesus said, “No more of this!”
And he touched his ear and healed him.
(Luke 22:50-51)

In the final moments before His hands were bound, Jesus healed. A small insignificant ear.

The Lord Jesus place His hand on a bloody wound – and restored an ordinary guy who got in the way of an impulsive, overzealous disciple.

Not surprising, is it? Healing is what He does. It is who He isJehovah-Rapha, “The Lord that Heals.”

But this was a unique, never-before-seen miracle.
Jesus healed an enemy.
With no show of faith from the recipient.

A Divine example for us to “do good to them that hate us.” To move toward the broken person behind the persecution. Our highest and hardest calling.

What I like so much about this snapshot is that it takes Jesus out of the box {insert sound of boot stomping on box}.

It flies in the face of formulas and checklists I must follow to garner His attention and affection {insert sound of paper tearing}.

It tells me I don’t need to do something to earn Jesus’ lovingkindness. It lets me belly breathe. And simply relax in His power and grace.

From time to time, don’t we all need Jesus’ healing touch in some small or big way? The casualties of life in a broken world are broken hearts.

And I think a good many of our wounds come by reckless words that pierce like swords – even from overzealous believers. Right? Is there one of us who hasn’t been maimed by rash, unkind words? And aren’t those the sorts of injuries that tend to fester and infect our hearts with lies?

So here’s a verse to remember on the days we feel a bit wounded, even shattered:

He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.
(Psalm 147:3)

And then…well, I think Rick Warren says it nicely:

“We are healed to help others.
Your greatest life messages…will come out of your deepest hurts.”

Which reminds me. What happened after Jesus healed the servant’s ear?

…Then they seized [Jesus] and led him away.
(Luke 22:54)

What?! The dramatic miracle had no effect on their calloused hearts. They simply carried on. How is that possible? I guess seeing isn’t believing. But that’s a post for another day.

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6 thoughts on “The Last Thing Jesus Did Before He Was Seized

  1. It had never occurred to me that this healing was different in that the healed one didn’t ask for it or even acknowledge who Jesus is… but like you mentioned, he was just being Himself and doing what He does 🙂